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Us Govt Debt

Government Waste. Almost 20% of the value of your labor and the products you produce goes into the federal coffers to be spent as they choose. FedGov spends your money like drunken sailors. For examples of how they waste your money click the link in the title bar or click here.

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Things that Matter (News and Current Events)

The Founders’ Model of Welfare Actually Reduced Poverty

Abstract. Both conservatives and liberals often misunderstand the American Founders’ approach to poverty and welfare. Conservatives tend to assume that poor relief in early America was entirely private, while liberals generally think the poor were entirely neglected until the 20th century. But America has always had laws providing for the poor. The real difference between the Founders’ welfare policies and today’s is over how, not whether, government should help those who are in need. The question was and remains: What policies help the poor, and what policies harm them? The ultimate goal for the Founders was lifting the poor out of poverty as quickly as possible and preventing permanent dependence. Read more...

The Richest Man in the World (Is Vladimir Putin hiding a $200?) 

Abstract. Putin does not really care what the West does or thinks. In the highly personalized political world that Putin has created in Russia, his personal wealth is irrelevant. Consider a 2012 report that took a look at the luxuries Putin's office afforded him. Among the many perks were a lavish estate called Constantine Palace and 43 aircraft worth an estimated total of $1 billion.

Putin might not technically own these 43 aircraft, but, as the sole political power in Russia, he can act like they're his. He might not own Constantine Palace, either; but it's his, too. Given the enormous political power he has amassed, you can extend this logic further and further: Russia's currency reserves are his; Russia's military is his; even the asphalt that paves Russia's roads is his. Money may give Bill Gates power, but Putin already has the power: He doesn't need the money.Read more...

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